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Sage of Spirit

"Nabooru of the Gerudo. I'm a lone wolf thief."

9 December 1912
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Like all the women of her race, Nabooru has smooth skin, dark copper in colour, and flame red hair, which is totally straight and scraped back off her face to be held in a high ponytail. Her eyes are like gleaming amber, a good match for all the gold and jewels she adorns herself with. She keeps them rimmed in kohl, the lids covered in a very fine golden coloured dust, her eyelashes thick and dark. With her curvaceous figure, Nabooru could easily be considered very beautiful, but all her angles are sharp, hips jutting out from a narrow waist, nose a sharp hook on her proud face, her limbs and stomach strung with wiry muscle. Long of leg and standing tall, the desert thief cuts an impressive figure, especially in all the heavy jewellery that makes every movement a work out. If nothing else, one must admit, the Sage of Spirit is incredibly striking, stunning in the fierce way of her people.

Her mind is as sharp as the spears and cutlasses she favours, and so is her tongue. Never one to back down from conflict, Nabooru makes a vicious enemy and a valuable ally – even if she has always had a habit of talking her way into trouble. Even with her dignity, she’s brash, proud, fiery, and a lot more intelligent than people tend to give her credit for. She can be temperamental – quick to anger, quick to rage, quick to start throwing things – but once you win her respect there’s a good chance you’ve got it for life. Whilst always concerned about looking after number one, she won’t sacrifice others for her own benefit, believing that to be cowardly. Nabooru values courage, but the fearless streak of pride often threatens her wisdom.

There does seem to be some sort of honour amongst thieves – these ones, at least, for Nabooru has a strong sense of right and wrong and justice, even if her own don’t always coincide with the views of those around her. After being brainwashed, she is slower to trust than she was, but that does not mean she’s become particularly guarded. Her tenacity, coupled with her ability to go with the flow and take things as they come, is one of her greatest strengths.

Obstacles are always treated in the same way – ruthlessly ripped down. Nabooru will not take kindly to feeling trapped or restrained, liars or manipulators, even if she’s sometimes had to do it herself. In most cases, she’s brutally open and honest, opinionated and eager to make herself heard – the sandstorms in the desert do not hold back, and neither do the women who grew up amongst them.

In the Gerudo Fortress, the desert stronghold of the fierce female thieves, leaders were chosen for their cunning, skill, and power. From childhood she ran her little pack of friends, as a teen she showed she had the ability, and so by the time she hit twenty all it took was a few fights to secure her place as one of the highly ranking members of the pack, when she’d already earned the nickname of the Lone Wolf inside the fortress and in the land of Hyrule.

After living a score of years, she was elevated to the place of the Exalted, the chieftain of the Gerudo beneath their king, Ganondorf.

It was under the reign of this king that the ambitions of the race grew from theft of their horses, valuables, and men, to theft of their country itself. The lush green fields of Hyrule had been coveted by many of the desert-dwelling Gerudo throughout Hyrule, and Ganondorf sought to act upon this and make it their own.

Nabooru was content enough with life as it was, because even if life in the sands was not easy it bred them harder and stronger and fiercer than the pale victims of Hyrule, but she followed her King’s lead. Until, at least, he revealed to her that he meant to take the Triforce for himself. Seeing that Ganondorf was being driven mad and shocked by the atrocities he committed, she plotted to stop he and his stepmothers (two wicked old Gerudo Sorceress sisters named Twinrova) from continuing in their plan.

To do that, she needed to get into the Spirit Temple, used as their headquarters. But to do that you needed the Silver Gauntlets to give you strength enough to move the massive stone blocks before it. And, unfortunately, to do that you had to be small enough to crawl through a hole in the wall to get to the area they were in. Nabooru was too big, but luckily a small boy clad in green showed up, and she asked him to retrieve the gauntlets for her.

But just as he was to return them, Twinrova discovered her. Too valuable to simply kill, they brainwashed her as they had done many of that race. For seven years, she was one of Ganondorf’s most prized servants. It was then that the boy, Link, returned as Hero of Time, and saved her from the enchantment. When he fought and killed Twinrova, she was awakened as the Sage of Spirit, and lent her power to his to aid him on his quest.

Nabooru is taken from after Ganondorf’s defeat but before Link was sent back in time.
Nabooru has no real abilities that stand out. She’s an exceptional fighter, stronger than she looks and incredibly agile, capable of achieving an attack both very powerful and cat quick. Growing up in the desert has given her a great deal of stamina, and her aim is seldom anything but deadly accurate. She’s good at bluffing, weaving tales and following others, can be stealthy when she must be, and her sleight of hand was rumoured to be second to none. Magically, she can cast Din’s Fire – a dome of flame – or Nayru’s Love – a protective barrier, but she is no sorceress.
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